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,  a lovingly handcrafted cleansing bar for

Face & Body is, indeed, a V.L.T (V.ery L.imited T.reasure).  The precise handmade process-together with a six month cure time required to obtain the silken results - dramatically limits availability.




,  your V.L.T., emerges slowly from hand

measured precious natural oils with no harsh or artificial ingredients - blessedly unscented - each petite batch hand mixed, poured, trimmed, polished and packaged in the U.S.A.  Each bar unique in appearance while consistent in results - unlike "look-alike" machine made soaps.




,  the process of pronouncing "Artisan" - a

skilled craftsperson who creates by hand, not machine - Our very name reflects our commitment to an unparalleled handcrafted Face & Body Cleansing Bar.

To create exceptional results for you in every Ardezen                             Face & Body Cleansing Bar, our production is the epitome of  "small scale" - we create a mere 12 bars per

batch. 12 bars only!  Versus thousands of bars per hour created by machine

that most other soap companies offer.  Each bar is then "cured" a

minimum of 6 months before entering the marketplace,

creating an incredibly skin gentle, long lasting bar.

As a result of this small batch, handcrafted

process, each of our bars has a unique

look and feel - the sign of a

true handcrafted


At Ardezen             , we believe not only in our  luxuriously slow handmade-in-the-U.S.A. process, but also in the




Did you know that most efforts to create "luxurious lather" in a soap result in dry, itchy skin after use?  In almost all commercially produced soap, an unnatural amount of lather - in the name of luxury - is created by incorporating ingredients that can be very harsh and drying.  We focus on the  "Most Luxurious of Results".  We believe you, too, will agree that your "Most Luxurious of Results"  easily out weigh excessive lather every time.

"Most Luxurious of Results".


V.ery L.imited T.reasure Luxury Handmade in the U.S.A.

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