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Our exclusive trade secret lies in the power of The Dead Sea. Known for its powerful healing and soothing qualities for thousands of years, The Dead Sea is home to the most broad-spectrum, naturally-occurring minerals in the world. For that reason and for optimal results, we suggest Ardezen be used as a daily regime: like having access to an exclusive spa treatment….every day! Although you are likely to see a beautiful difference in your skin after the first use, Ardezen is known to have a wonderful cumulative effect.






Minerals reflect light. Ardezen leaves a delicate ‘mineral mantle’ on the skin that is noticeable with the first use. Because it does not contain chemical-laden ‘lather agents’ (that actually dry and damage the skin), our mineral-rich formula makes Ardezen super-hydrating, unveiling a youthful, dewy countenance. Ardezen’s minerals penetrate below the surface of the skin.  People travel from all over the world to benefit from the powerful waters of The Dead Sea. Ardezen expertly sources these precious minerals to deliver truly visible results.  Read Ardezen Testimonials here.

Ardezen Cleansing Bar: Our proprietary, world class formula features 100% Dead Sea Minerals from the Dead Sea. Our artisans hand craft each bar to our exact specifications

to assure quality, efficacy and consistent results. Each bar has a wonderful,

one-of-a-kind look and feel because they are hand: measured, mixed,

poured, trimmed, polished and packaged. Naturally cured for 6

months!  Unlike commercial, mass produced soaps, Ardezen

contains NO artificial ingredients, NO surfactants, NO sodium

lauryl, NO parabens, NO colorants, NO fragrances. Only

simple, clean ingredients: precious oils (saponified

olive, pure coconut, responsibility-sourced

palm)...and…Maris Sal (100% Dead Sea

Salts sourced in Israel) all hand

crafted in the USA and

presented in a





Ardezen Cleansing Bar

Only 12 bars per handmade batch!

(Ardezen is a wordplay on Artisan)



Quality Minerals from The Dead Sea, Israel

The Ardezen ‘Mineral Mantle’

Soothed, Glowing Skin

Get the Glow!



Perfect for the whole family: women, men, children

and gentle enough for babies!



The Ardezen Story


V.ery L.imited T.reasure Luxury Handmade in the U.S.A.