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"I just wanted to reach out and tell you that your Ardezen soap truly is magic. I've had this weird spot on my stomach for the past couple of years that just appeared one day. I got it biopsied and everything and the results were inconclusive. They gave me cream cortisone whatever but it didn't go away so I just accepted it. Then I started using your soap and it's GONE!!!! A miracle!"   Lori, NY


"My face is always irritated and inflamed. Years of buying the expensive creams and even facials and nothing ever worked past 2 weeks. I tried something new and my face broke out worse than ever, it was dry itchy and bad acne. I stop using any and everything except your soap and water. Within a day I could tell a difference. Within 3 days it was noticeably better and by Day 7 it was gone and my skin never looked better. Months after using your soap I will not use anything else. I hate when I travel and don't have it! The pictures do not do justice to how great this soap is!" Jodie, Colorado


"My facial skin received radiation therapy and many ultraviolet light treatments and injections 26 years ago and it LOVES your soap!  People are commenting about how good my skin looks!  I have been using very expensive organic products for several years and am delighted to find your soap!" Dr. M.C., Ca.


"My wife and I have been using the soap everyday since receiving it 2 weeks ago.  We've both had great results!  After showering, we do not have that itching and dryness.  We gave a bar to our daughter.  Will definitely be ordering more and will recommend the products to our friends!" M & V, NJ


"Yes, I can't live without your soap!  My skin is the softest it's been since I was a kid.  Thank you! " K.A., VA


" skin never looked better!"

Jodie, Colorado

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