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in 2016


"My facial skin received radiation therapy and many ultraviolet light treatments and injections 26 years ago and it LOVES your soap!  People are commenting about how good my skin looks!  I have been using very expensive organic products for several years and am delighted to find your soap!" MC, Doctor, CA


“I have been in the natural and beauty industries for over 32 years and I happily report that my skin has a more ‘refined, youthful’ appearance after using Ardezen for the last month. Ardezen more than ‘soap’. Its high mineral content deeply nourishes the skin. My skin now seems to reflect light in a wonderful way. It is much brighter and because it is nourished and hydrated at a deep level, it has a more youthful, softer appearance … even in Colorado’s high altitude and dry climate. I have tried at least 100 soaps over the years and Ardezen is my forever ‘soap’ now!”  SKC, Denver, CO


“Ardezen is the best soap my family has ever used. My daughter, who is 2 years old, has very sensitive skin. Since a newborn we have looked for a soap that would help clear up her various skin issues. Well, we've found it! Not only does it help with rosacea-like and eczema-like irritations, it also helped clear up her diaper rash all while keeping her skin moisturized. If you haven't tried it yet, you should. It makes a world of difference to those who have sensitive skin. Thanks!" NP, CA


"My wife and I have been using the soap everyday since receiving it 2 weeks ago.  We've both had great results!  After showering, we do not have that itching and dryness.  We gave a bar to our daughter.  Will definitely be ordering more and will recommend the products to our friends!" M & V, NJ




" skin never looked better!"

Jodie, Colorado

"My face is always irritated and inflamed. Years of buying the expensive creams and even facials and nothing ever worked past 2 weeks. I tried something new and my face broke out worse than ever, it was dry itchy and bad acne. I stop using any and everything except your soap and water. Within a day I could tell a difference. Within 3 days it was noticeably better and by Day 7 it was gone and my skin never looked better. Months after using your soap I will not use anything else. I hate when I travel and don't have it! The pictures do not do justice to how great this soap is!" Jodie, CO



Ardezen Cleansing Bar

Only 12 bars per handmade batch!

(Ardezen is a wordplay on Artisan)



NO artificial ingredients, NO surfactants, NO sodium lauryl, NO parabens,

NO colorants, NO fragrances. Made in the USA.



The Ardezen Story